Bassite de 2002 à 2005.
Personnage : Biker Zombie

Son materiels: ESP Ltd Viper 304, banez Ergodyne, ampli et tete Warwick ProFet III et parfois un Pro Tube IV
Groupes : Kiss et Twisted Sisters
Bassiste préférés : gene simmons et lenny kravitz
Il a ecrit avec Lordi la chanson Kalmageddon.
A quitté le groupe pour raison personnel, mais reviendra jouer sur quelques concert en guest.
Il est d’ailleurs venu sur la tournée 2006 à Londres.
Le testament de Kalma


Mais qui est Kalma en réalité ?

C’est un personnage de la mythologie Finnoise, il est représenté dans le « Kalevala » ( sorte de bible Finnoise ») comme ceci :


Kalma son nom veut dire « odeur de cadavre » il represente en partie la mort.
Il habite à TUONELA, lieu de retraite des morts dirigé par TUONI et TUONETAR et le tout gardés par SURMA qui protégé les abords de la ville mais aussi la maison de Kalma.
Sa gueule entrouverte laissée passé l’odeur putride de la mort afin d’eloigné quiconque souhaitant entré à Tuonela.
Seul les morts triés par l’equipe Tuoni, Tuonetar et Kalma pouvaient reposés dans la ville de la mort.

Kalma’s Testament

Dear Friends,
Because of personal reasons, I have decided to quit playing in Lordi and start working in the bands background forces.
The decision was really hard but it had to be made.

Lordi’s new studio album will be released in the beginning of 2006 and there should be really tight and totally committed group promoting that release.
I just didn’t see myself as an effective part of that group any more.

However, I’m performing on the upcoming album by playing all the basses and doing some background vocals/screams.
That was important thing for me and I’m really happy that I had a chance to do it.
Kalma and OX says that they are good friends.
Dare to doubt it?
We have talked this issue through with other members of the band in a really good spirit so there is no drama or musical or personal conflicts involved.
We are the best friends and remain to be that way.
I’m also very satisfied with my follower, Mr. OX.
He is a great musician and a good friend and just the right person to fulfill my spot in Lordi.
The evil brothers of the Kalmageddon order I have accomplished and experienced a lot with Lordi.
Three albums, 61 shows, European tours, festivals in Finland and abroad, club shows, tv –performances, two gold albums, one platinum, Emma –award from the best hard rock/heavy album in 2002 in Finland. Because of these things, I want to thank all the people who I have had a pleasure to work with during these few years.
Many dreams have been fulfilled.

And the last thing; a huge thank you to the fans all around the world! It has been a pleasure to entertain you.
Maybe some day, in some special place, Kalma will return…
Thank you, I’m out…


Maybe someday we will see these two bass monsters on stage at the same time punishing their basses..and YOU!


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